VT Grown Saffron

VT Grown Saffron


Pure Saffron from Westview Farm is available in 1 gram and 1/4 gram sizes. Pure Saffron  Vermont-grown local food ~ Grown and harvested by hand on our farm.


Each saffron flower yields only three red stigma threads. The stigma are separated from petals and stamen individually  and dried into this rich pure saffron for your use in favorite recipes, teas and more. We are excited to bring this favorite spice to you knowing that Never has it had any additives, amendments nor fillers. Please enjoy our locally grown VT Prue Saffron!


Please DM /message me at @westviewfarmvt or email westviewfarmvermont@gmail.com to purchase and arrange for COVID-safe pickup at the farm. If you aren’t near by, contact me to arrange shipping.

We accept cash and Venmo @ghuffman1205



We offer two convenient sizes.

1/4 gram (.24 g) for $15.  

1 Gram Saffron @ $50.00



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