Homemade Jelly

Homemade Jelly


Westview Farm Homemade Jelly ~ Made in small batches~ we are featuring homegrown Concord Grape Jelly and a limited edition of Red Currant Jelly. These grapes and currants have been picked by me and cooked to extract the rich juices needed to make sweet old fashion jelly like you remember your mother and grandmothers making. These jars of jelly contain pure extracted juices of the fruit, pectin and cane sugar. 


Please DM /message me at FB @westviewfarmvt or email westviewfarmvermont@gmail.com to purchase and arrange for COVID-safe pickup at the farm. If you aren’t near by, contact me to arrange shipping.

We accept cash and Venmo @ghuffman1205


Grape Jelly 8oz jar $7.50 and limited # of 4 oz jars $3.75 

Red Currant 8 oz. jar $8.00 and limited # of 4 oz. $4.00



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